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How Your Dentist Cares For Your Whole-Body Health

Dental Checkups Marietta GA Your dentist is trained to take care of your teeth and gums. But did you know that a trip to the dentist can also be a means to address health issues beyond your mouth? In fact, during a routine dental visit, your dentist may be able to detect a wide range of concerns throughout your entire body.

The mouth is considered the gateway into the rest of your body. Whether you realize it or not, symptoms can appear inside your mouth that can point to several different overall health issues, ranging from stress to heart disease and many conditions in between.

Dental Symptoms Linked to Stress

Stress can present itself in many ways throughout your body, including your mouth. Patients who are under excessive stress or anxiety may experience mouth sores, dry mouth and signs of teeth grinding (bruxism).

Gastric Conditions

How can your dentist know if you have stomach problems? When gastric conditions such as acid reflux and bulimia exist, there is often sign of enamel erosion on the teeth due to the highly acidic stomach acids that travel back up inside the mouth on a frequent basis. Bad breath and decay may also exist since oral pH typically is not balanced or neutral in such cases.

Whole Body Health Risks of Gum Disease

One of the most serious links between oral health and body health is rooted in gum disease. When the gums become inflamed and diseased, the infection can enter the bloodstream and harm the heart and other vital components of your body. Untreated gum disease has been associated with heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke and premature birth. Therefore, if your dentist detects advanced stages of gum disease, you may need to take steps to protect your overall health as well as your smile.

A dentist’s ability to care for your whole body when treating your teeth and gums should foster assurance that those routine dental checkups are even more important than you previously thought. To schedule your dental visit in Marietta, choose Dr. Wayne Suway.

Posted on behalf of Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD

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Teeth-Friendly Snacks for Back-to-School

Back to School Wording with Colored PencilsIt’s time to say goodbye to lazy summer mornings and beach vacations. Back-to-school season is upon us and parents must start planning ahead for a more structured routine. As you work hard to ensure your child has the perfect outfit and proper school supplies for a positive back-to-school experience, don’t forget about what their smile may need for ideal health through the year. It is important to take steps to protect the health of your child’s teeth and gums, which may include scheduling that routine dental checkup before school starts and making sure they have a good supply of dental hygiene supplies to use during their rushed morning routine. One of the biggest ways you can promote better dental health in your child during the school year, however, is to send “teeth-friendly” snacks in their backpack. (more…)

Vitamins and Your Oral Health

The fast-paced life that most Americans live leaves little time to ensure that they are consuming all of the major food groups, let alone taking in necessary vitamins that the body needs to be healthy. While it is always important to talk with your primary care physician before starting any sort of supplement regimen, these vitamins are known for promoting healthy teeth and gums. (more…)

Dealing With Bad Breath

checkups1Bad breath can put a serious damper on your life. Bad breath affects a great deal of the U.S. population – with some aware of the issue who are embarrassed by it and others who are unaware of the issue until it is brought to their attention. Because most causes of bad breath originate inside the mouth, it is very important that you visit your dentist to determine a successful way to handle your unpleasant issue. When it comes to troubling dental issues, dealing with bad breath is one that can typically be easily improved by avoiding certain things and increasing a few oral health care habits.

  • Avoid odorous foods and beverages. One of the first steps to take in dealing with bad breath is to avoid foods and beverages that are known to cause bad breath. Onions, garlic, cheeses, coffee, and alcoholic beverages are the most commonly known culprits of bad breath. Not only do they all have a strong smell on their own, but they leave residue inside your mouth; therefore, every time you exhale you are releasing these odors out into the air around you. Avoiding these foods and beverages as much as possible is the best way to help your bad breath. But when that is not feasible, keeping a toothbrush and toothpaste handy so that you can brush your teeth following consumption, or using a strong mouthwash after eating, can help to combat your bad breath.
  • Stop tobacco use. All tobacco products are not only harmful to your oral and general health, but they also cause bad breath. Tobacco is another product that has its own strong smell, and using tobacco products not only leaves the smell inside your mouth, but it causes damage to your teeth and gums that exacerbates the odor.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Dry mouth is another culprit of bad breath. Your mouth needs saliva to help wash away plaque from the mouth. When not enough saliva is produced, plaque will build up quickly on the teeth. Because plaque is made up of bacteria and acids, it will significantly contribute to bad breath.
  • Practice good oral hygiene. Practicing good oral hygiene habits is the most important step that you can implement to combat bad breath. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily go a long way in keeping your mouth clean and fresh. Brushing and flossing remove bacteria-laden plaque from the mouth and, when done right after a meal or drink, can eliminate most odors caused by foods and beverages. Making your oral hygiene habits a priority, and increasing them when necessary, will go a long way in dealing with bad breath.
  • Clean your oral appliances. If you wear any type of oral appliance (e.g. retainer, Invisalign® aligners, dentures, partial dentures, etc.) it is essential that you implement proper maintenance to keep them clean. All oral appliances should be cleaned at night and any time that they are taken out of the mouth and are going to be placed back inside the mouth. Oral appliances are notorious for harboring foul odors because they easily hang on to particles inside the mouth.
  • Visit your dentist on a regular basis. Your dentist is your number one advocate in dealing with bad breath. Regular cleanings and checkups will help to ensure that there is not a buildup of plaque or damage occurring inside the mouth that is causing your bad breath. Bad breath that is not directly caused by odorous foods, beverages, or tobacco products can be a side effect of certain medications or a health concern that should not be ignored.

Posted on behalf of Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD
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Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD – Atlanta Dentist
1820 The Exchange SE, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: (770) 953-1752

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Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD.

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Missy Stone

I have known Dr. Suway for 30 years. My parents found him originally and made me a believer and life long friend and patient. In the years since, I have recommended my husband, son and friends. I would hear that going to the dentist was a fear of many people. I could never understand that because it was always a pleasure to come to Dr. Suway’s office. His staff are so professional, gentle and kind. It’s nice to see the same faces twice a year. You can tell they love working with him. I tell people that Dr. Suway gives the best shots – you can’t even feel a pinch. My son who hates needles, has no problem getting a shot for a filling. I love Dr. Suway’s personality. When you walk in the office you might hear him singing a country western song. I have porcelain veneers on my front teeth and am so thrilled. It’s been 10 years and they are still white and beautiful. He is an artist and perfectionist who loves to make people happy. I recommend Dr. Suway to become your dentist. He is a man of character and professionalism, yet down to earth. If you choose Dr. Suway, you’ll get an excellent dentist, but also a friend for life.

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Dr. Suway is very relaxed and as a result we find that we are very relaxed as well. He takes the time to listen when we have concerns and he answers questions fully. We never feel like he is rushing from us to another patient. When we do need fillings, crowns or any other extensive work, he is concerned that we are comfortable and feeling no pain.

Nealean K. Austin

Through the years, we have found Dr. Suway to be a skillful perfectionist in all areas of his profession. He keeps abreast of and utilizes the latest dental techniques to improve and ensure the longevity of his patient’s teeth. He is a caring, personable professional who always greets his patients with a sincere, ready smile. Dr. Suway is also a ‘confidence booster.’ I say this because by the time I was 30 years old I was wearing dentures. He immediately recognized a self-conscious young wife, mother and professional who needed his professional help. His approach to boosting my confidence was through dental implants. At that time dental implants were a relatively new procedure. Dr. Suway carefully explained to me the advantages of dental implants and was proactive in working with my insurance provider to ensure that they understood the correlation between the required dental procedures and health plan benefits. I can smile with confidence forever because of Dr. Suway. Dr. Suway’s staff is a mirror image of his positive professionalism. They are always courteous, knowledgeable, efficient and personable. Appointments are scheduled at your convenience. You know that your time is valued because at the precise time of your appointment you are greeted, then immediately seen by either Dr. Suway or a hygienist. His work is outstanding and he is one of a kind.

Allison Lewis

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Suway since 1988. Dr. Suway and his staff have provided us with state-of-the-art oral health care in a pleasant, friendly and compassionate environment for many years. Dr. Suway has done many procedures for me including root canals, crowns and a bridge. His work is beautiful. He is truly a perfectionist and that is exactly what I want in a dentist. I would never trust my smile to anyone other then Dr. Suway.