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Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Treatment Atlanta, GA

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Treatment in Atlanta

Do you wake up some mornings with a headache or facial pain? One in ten people are said to suffer from bruxism, but many are not even aware of the condition. When your partner or spouse complains that you grind your teeth during the night, it’s time to see an Atlanta area dentist. There are numerous potential causes of bruxism, so seeking treatment is highly recommended.

Dr. Wayne G. Suway offers comprehensive treatment of bruxism for patients in Cumberland, Marietta, Smyrna and the surrounding communities to help you get a better night’s sleep while protecting your teeth. Continuous grinding can cause the teeth to wear down, crack or break over time. Studies involving bruxism have shown that custom nightguards are very effective in protecting the teeth from damage. However, it is also important to establish the cause of the condition in each patient.

Patient-focused treatment means treating bruxism in the individual, rather than using a blanket approach. For some patients, there are underlying medical or psychological issues at play. Dr. Suway will carry out a full examination to determine what is causing you to grind your teeth and will create a tailored treatment plan.

Bruxism Causes

Diagnosing bruxism is only one part of your overall treatment plan when you trust Dr. Suway with your oral healthcare. Each patient has their own story to tell. Getting to the bottom of teeth grinding often involves delving into the patient’s lifestyle. For instance, stress has been established as a major cause of bruxism in teenagers and adults. Making changes to your life that cause stress can have a positive impact on the reduction or elimination of teeth grinding. Other lifestyle contributors include drinking alcohol, smoking and taking recreational drugs.

If you have a sleep disorder, such as snoring or sleep apnea, you are more likely to suffer from bruxism. Patients who talk in their sleep, experience sleep paralysis or have nightmares are also at a higher risk for grinding their teeth. It helps to work with a dentist who understands the many potential contributing factors to bruxism when you need a lasting solution.

Certain medications can impact behavior during sleep, and bruxism can be an unwanted side effect. Dr. Suway carries out a full investigation and may ask about your medical history in order to establish the cause of bruxism. Knowing that there is a link between medications and grinding your teeth will help you take steps in finding a balance in overall health and well-being.

For other patients, bruxism is the result of undiagnosed medical conditions. A dentist who understands the complex relationship between the teeth, jaw and facial muscles, provides a more complete approach toward treatment options. Dr. Suway is willing to take the time to fully explore all potential health-related causes of teeth grinding and provide any necessary treatments or referrals.

Bruxism Dentist

Ensuring you receive the right treatment options and education when you grind your teeth are Dr. Suway’s main objectives. He is a passionate and highly skilled professional who cares about providing the best possible outcome for his patients. If you have a teeth grinding problem, turn to Dr. Wayne G. Suway for excellence in diagnosis and treatment. His team is comprised of dentistry professionals who are committed to providing unmatched patient care at his Atlanta office.

To make an appointment with Dr. Wayne G. Suway, contact our office today. We are your trusted bruxism specialists in Georgia. Patients can look forward to effective treatment plans that address both minor and complex dental problems, including teeth grinding and related conditions.