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Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain Atlanta, GA

Tooth Pain Relief

When you suffer from tooth pain, the first thing you think about is getting relief. Taking over-the-counter medication may provide relief for a short while; however, real relief comes when the cause is addressed. Tooth pain can result from a number of dental conditions.

Decayed and infected teeth are among the most common sources of tooth pain, particularly if the pain is severe. You may also feel pain in a tooth that is cracked or damaged. These injuries are not always visible, and symptoms may only show when pressure is placed on the tooth or when you have hot or cold foods or beverages.

Sometimes, advanced gum disease can cause a tooth to become sensitive. When the root of a tooth is exposed, it is more vulnerable to temperature changes, causing pain. Some individuals have teeth that are extremely sensitive for unknown reasons.

Older teens and young adults often experience the discomfort and pain that can arise with wisdom teeth. These third molars are frequently impacted, or they may erupt partially, causing problems with gums and the adjacent teeth.

With a comprehensive examination of the affected area, Dr. Suway can diagnose your pain and devise an effective treatment plan. His commitment to patient comfort and oral health assures you that he will find the most effective treatment for your tooth pain.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Similar to tooth pain, there is more than one cause for pain in the jaw area. Trauma to bone or the muscles and soft tissues in the jaw is often a source of pain. Overuse of jaw muscles can also cause problems. This can happen with bruxism or teeth grinding. Clenching your teeth can also result in jaw pain.

Temporomandibular joint problems can affect the surrounding muscles as well as those in the jaw. Headaches, facial pain, neck and shoulder pain may accompany your jaw pain in these instances. Such problems can be the result of trauma to the jaw.

An examination of your jaw and an assessment of if you clench or grind your teeth can determine the type of treatment that will prove most effective. Some patients experience relief with pain medication, while others may need to learn exercises to reduce the tension held in the jaw muscles. Other treatments, such as night guards to prevent bruxism while sleeping, may be recommended.

Make an appointment with Dr. Wayne Suway for a consultation and examination. Discover the source of your jaw pain and get on the road to relief.