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What to Do When Your Front Tooth Suffers Damage Atlanta, GA
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Your teeth are built to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, they are not invincible. It is always disheartening when a permanent tooth suffers damage. However, it can be especially unsettling when the fracture involves a front tooth. Due to their visible and prominent location, front tooth breaks are common. Whether you tried to bite off a piece of toffee or you fell going up the stairs, when a front tooth suffers significant damage, it is considered a dental emergency and there are some immediate action steps to be aware of.

The good news is that your smile can be restored, but what that entails depends on how you answer the following questions:

Is your front tooth loose, but still in its socket? A tooth that is knocked loose without a visible fracture or damage should be handled by your dentist as soon as possible. This indicates that there is some internal damage, possibly to the tooth nerves or roots. Over time, the tooth can begin to discolor, which indicates a dying tooth. A dentist can intervene early and offer treatments to save your tooth and help it regain stability.

Did a portion of the tooth break off completely?  When a piece of your front tooth breaks off and the rest of your tooth is still in place, there are a variety of repair options. Depending on the size and severity of the break, your dentist may opt for dental bonding, a crown or veneer.

Did the front tooth break off at the gum line or fall out entirely? This is a more serious injury, but not one that you should assume is irreversible. In some cases, you can preserve an avulsed tooth so that your dentist can place it back into the socket. In situations when the front tooth cannot be saved, a dental implant is the best solution. Don’t worry; you will be given a temporary tooth until your permanent implant restoration is ready. While this fix undoubtedly requires more time and expense, it is a long-term solution and others won’t be able to distinguish your implant from the natural tooth that sits beside it.

Did you break, loosen or lose your front tooth? Take a deep breath. Dr. Wayne Suway is a highly-equipped emergency dentist that can help. We will provide the most conservative treatment option that offers long-lasting restoration to the health and beauty of your smile.


Posted on behalf of Dr. Wayne G. Suway

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