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How to Recognize and Treat TMJ Dysfunction Atlanta, GA
TMJ Dysfunction

Dr. Suway and his TMJ Treatment coordinator have worked with and helped patients with TMJ dysfunction for over 30 years.

TMJ can result in a myriad of symptoms if left untreated, which can become debilitating over time, causing long term damage to the temporomandibular joint integrity, as well as damage to the teeth.

Symptoms can begin with grinding of the teeth without pain, ringing in the ears, ear pain without an infection, or headaches ranging from mild tension headaches or those experiencing migraine headaches resulting in taking different medications that have many adverse side effects.

Some patients experience jaw pain, as others do not have any jaw pain and think it cannot be related to their TMJ’s (Temporomandibular joints). Limited jaw opening, symptoms of vertigo, loss of equilibrium, etc. can also be a sign of TMJ dysfunction/malalignment.

Our treatment protocols are noninvasive and highly effective. Treatment can range from conservative treatment protocols to other forms of treatments that entail more in-depth options. Determining the most appropriate form of treatment is critical at the onset.

Our experience of over 30 years has brought us to the place of less can result in much more in many cases, meaning we have found that very conservative treatments have proven long-term, life changing results.

Our exam and x-rays of the TMJ’s provide clarity and treatment planning on an individual basis.

If you experience any of the above symptoms and would like to have clarity and a diagnosis, we are happy to speak with you over the phone and schedule an exam/consultation and see if x-rays of the TMJ’s are warranted.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Wayne G. Suway

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