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Turn Back the Hands of Time with Cosmetic Dentistry Atlanta, GA

Although it is inevitable, getting older isn’t easy. The signs of aging throughout the face can be especially difficult to come to terms with. While facial fillers and special anti-aging products can provide marginal or temporary improvement to the aging face, it is important to consider the role your teeth play in your overall look. Not only can the appearance of your teeth make you look older than you really are, but the condition of your teeth can contribute to aging concerns throughout the rest of your face. Cosmetic dentistry may be your solution to a more youthful and confident complexion!

Anti-Aging Solutions From a Cosmetic Dentist

Anti-aging dentistry is a very real term. It can involve one or more cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures to transform the appearance and/or health of your smile. Never underestimate the power of a white, balanced and straight smile as you approach later stages of life.

From tooth stains to thin lips, here are some common aging concerns that can be reversed by a cosmetic dentist:

Stained/Dull Teeth

Whether it is brown, yellow or simply dull, the color of your teeth can make a significant difference in how young (or old) you look. Not only are tooth staining habits (smoking, drinking coffee, etc) accumulated over many years of life, but the natural aging process can also contribute to a yellow smile as the outer enamel layer wears thin. Regardless, there are ways to brighten your smile and turn back the hands of time. Teeth whitening is best for extrinsic stains while porcelain veneers may be needed for intrinsic staining.

Sagging cheeks, Jowls and Sunken Lower Face

There is no escaping the fact that gravity takes its toll on the face, which leads to sagging skin, wrinkles and an otherwise aged appearance. However, if you are missing teeth, this can be significantly worsened. Without proper stimulation, the jawbone loses its integrity and shape. This gradual bone loss can contribute to a sunken or hallowed appearance in the lower face and sagging skin through the cheeks. Missing teeth can also cause your lips to curl in to further your aged appearance. Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants is the only way to prevent bone loss as well as the signs of premature facial aging that often come with it.

Broken or Uneven Teeth

The older you get, the more your teeth may be prone to chipping, cracking or even breaking, especially if you have made a habit of opening packages with your teeth or spent years of grinding your teeth while you sleep. Cosmetic bonding, crowns and veneers are all ways to repair unsightly tooth fractures and help you regain a balanced and youthful smile.

Thin Lips

Due to a decreased collagen production, the tissues of the face lose volume and elasticity as you age. This includes the lip tissues. How can a dentist fix your thinning lips? By placing veneers on the front teeth, aging adults can not only get a Hollywood smile, but they can also gain a permanent and very natural solution to fuller lips.

Ready to reverse the signs of aging with cosmetic dentistry? Call Dr. Wayne Suway in Marietta. Not only do we offer a full menu of cosmetic dental services, but we also specialize in senior dentistry.  A youthful and confident smile is always within reach!

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