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The Risks of Forgetting to Floss Atlanta, GA
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Whether it is accidental or on purpose, forgetting to floss your teeth does have consequences. There is a reason that your dentist wants you to floss every day in addition to brushing your teeth. The truth is – your toothbrush simply can’t complete the entire job of cleaning your teeth and gums like you need each day. In fact, as much as 35% of your tooth’s surface doesn’t get touched when you neglect to floss. It would be like going through the car wash but leaving the hood of your car dirty. It doesn’t make sense for your car, so don’t let it make sense for your smile!

If you’re still not convinced you need to pick up the floss each day, here are some more compelling reasons why need to make the change. When you forget to floss your teeth before bed, you are at risk for the following:

Decay can form on any area of your tooth, including those sneaky tight spots that only your floss can reach. To avoid unwanted cavities, enlist the help of dental floss to remove food debris, plaque and bacteria between your teeth.

Gum Disease
When you floss, you not only clean between your teeth but you can also remove debris and buildup just underneath your gum line. This encourages optimal gum health. If you neglect to floss, you may suffer from puffy, red or bleeding gum, which is an indication that the first stage of gum disease has set in due to lingering bacteria below the gum line.

Gum Recession
When plaque hardens below the gum line, it turns to tartar. If not professionally removed, tartar can cause the gums to recede and pull away from the tooth root. This can lead to teeth sensitivity as well as tooth loss if not addressed.

Compromised Overall Health
The connection between your mouth and body is a strong one, especially when it comes to your gum health and heart health. The best way to clean your gums is by flossing each day at home. Think of those few minutes of flossing as a preventative measure for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even rheumatoid arthritis, which are medical conditions that have all been associated with gum disease.

Flossing Correctly
Not sure how to floss correctly? We’d love to show you. Dr. Wayne Suway can explain the proper technique for flossing as well as give you options in flossing tools. With today’s dental products, you don’t have to maneuver string floss to get the job done. Water flossers are an easy and excellent way to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Contact us today to learn more.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Wayne G. Suway

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