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Can Vaping Harm My Dental Implants? Atlanta, GA
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More and more smokers are making the switch to e-cigarettes. The obvious advantages of using e-cigarettes, also called vaping, are to avoid the tobacco and smoke that comes with traditional cigarettes. E-cigs are battery-powered and work by producing an aerosol. While this can reduce many of the consequences of smoking, you won’t exempt yourself from dental health risks with vaping – which includes dental implants if you have them.

The Oral Health Threat of Electronic Cigarettes

Although the amount is much smaller compared to cigarettes or cigars, E-cigarettes still contain nicotine. Studies have clearly shown that nicotine has a negative impact on the mouth, gums and tongue. Since your oral soft tissues are what support your dental implants, you can’t expect your dental implants to go unscathed if you are regularly vape.

Here are some common ways that vaping can impact your dental health as well as the success of dental implants:

Gum Recession

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. Therefore, the amount of blood flow to your gums can be significantly reduced, which means your gums may not get enough oxygen and nutrients to survive.

Impede Healing

When getting dental implants, your body should be in top shape to heal your oral tissues after surgery. The nicotine found in e-cigarettes, however, can compromise your immune system and body’s ability to heal itself after oral surgery.

Masks Gum Disease

Gum disease may have been what caused you to lose your teeth in the first place. It is an infection that you must prevent at all costs if you have dental implants. Unfortunately, nicotine can mask or suppress the warning signs of periodontal because it causes restricted blood flow to your gum tissues.

Bad Breath

You may think that you’ve eliminated the potential for bad breath if you’ve stopped smoking tobacco. However, as a vasoconstrictor, nicotine also hinders adequate saliva production. Without enough saliva, bacteria is allowed to accumulate and dry mouth, tooth decay and bad breath can result.

Better Than Cigarettes, But Still Not Recommended

If you have recently gotten dental implants, you know that your smoking habit must be stopped to protect the healing and success of your teeth replacement procedure. However, before you assume that vaping is a safe alternative, it is important to weigh the potential threats that e-cigarettes can have on your dental implants and overall dental health. Call Dr. Wayne Suway today to learn more.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Wayne G. Suway

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