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Cumberland Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Treatment Atlanta, GA

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Treatment in Cumberland

Looking after your teeth is an essential part of your daily life in the Cumberland area. Brushing and flossing will keep plaque and bacteria at bay but not help other dental problems such as bruxism. For 1 in 10 people, bruxism means grinding their teeth as they sleep. Although it is a relatively common condition, a large number of sufferers are not aware they have an issue until the damage has already been done. You can receive treatment options for bruxism from Dr. Wayne G. Suway to help address the problem and protect the health of your teeth.

A nightguard is a dental device that is designed to shield the teeth from damage while you sleep. For sufferers of bruxism, having your dentist carry out a comprehensive examination to determine the root cause is also important. Dr. Suway has extensive experience with diagnosing and proposing treatment options that offer long term relief from teeth grinding for patients from Windy Hills and the surrounding areas.

Treatment that involves careful investigation always provides greater potential for successful outcomes. Without knowing what is causing your bruxism, a dentist cannot truly provide effective treatment. Identifying underlying medical issues will also provide you with the opportunity to seek any relevant treatment, which could result in improved health and well-being.

Bruxism & Sleep

Since the vast majority of cases where bruxism occurs is when the patient is asleep, it would be easy to conclude that sleeping causes bruxism. However, many of the causes of bruxism actually stem from what happens in the patient’s waking world. Stress and anxiety are major contributing factors to grinding teeth for many patients. The symptoms of the condition only manifest in sleep because that is when the mind and body are at rest, meaning the patient has less control over certain bodily functions. You could say that bruxism is the physical expression of all the stress and anxiety that comes out when you sleep.

There are other factors that are common among bruxism sufferers, including sleep disorders such as snoring or sleep apnea. These conditions disrupt breathing patterns, which result in patients grinding their teeth involuntarily. Sleep apnea has potential health concerns that require investigation. Visiting Dr. Suway could actually open the door to receiving vital treatment to prevent the decline of your physical health.

Even lifestyle choices can cause patients to grind their teeth when they sleep. Smokers, drinkers and casual drug users are at risk of developing bruxism over time. If you notice that you are waking up with face pain or headaches, it is time to book a checkup with Dr. Suway. He can provide treatment options and recommendations for reducing the likelihood of grinding your teeth during the night.

Excellence in Patient Education

Dr. Wayne G. Suway takes great pride in providing patients with excellence in education during every visit. Bruxism is a condition that can stem from a number of physical or psychological health problems. At his offices, Dr. Suway provides a safe and confidential setting where patients are free to discuss their oral health concerns without judgment. If you are grinding your teeth at night and want to know why, as well as receive treatment, Dr. Suway is your trusted Cumberland and Windy Hill area dentist. You won’t find better treatment from bruxism anywhere else in Atlanta.

Your journey toward improved oral health begins with regular visits to a dentist’s office. Dr. Suway’s practice is staffed by a team of highly trained professionals who care about providing the best possible treatment outcomes. For a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Suway, contact our office to book your first appointment.