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Smyrna/Sandy Springs Atlanta, GA

Emergency Dentist Near Smyrna

You never know when a dental injury can occur. Something as simple as biting down on a popcorn seed can crack a tooth, or an auto accident can cause oral trauma for your child. Whatever the cause, you need to know there is a professional that will be there when you need excellent dental care right away. Dr. Wayne Suway and our team offer dental emergency care for patients from Smyrna, Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities at our clinic in Atlanta.

What constitutes a dental emergency? Dental injuries come in many forms, from the aching tooth that now is throbbing to sports injury accidents that knock out a tooth. Any type of severe dental pain should be considered an urgent issue and receive care as soon as possible. Cracks or broken teeth are also serious, as are damaged dental repairs like lost fillings or loose crowns. Even when the dental issue is not causing you pain, it still should be fixed quickly before any additional issues occur.

Dr. Wayne Suway, is a highly respected dentist in the Atlanta area. He has over 30 years of experience caring for the smiles of his patients. His expertise and kindness help put our patients at ease when they come to us for their dental care. Dr. Suway offers general dentistry for routine care and repairs, but our clinic also offers many specialty services. Dr. Suway is an excellent implant and cosmetic dentist and offers restorative options. You can trust that your smile will be in good hands when you come to us for your dental care, even in a dental emergency situation.

Need Urgent Dental Care Today?

When a dental emergency occurs, you do not want to wait for days to get treatment. Dr. Suway and our team understand that some dental issues need immediate care, which is why we urge you to call us first when you have a dental emergency. We leave space in our schedule to add urgent dental care appointments. Just contact our reception desk, and ask for a same day emergency dental appointment. In most cases, we can see you right away.

It is understandable that many people are stressed and uneasy when they have a dental emergency. You will find that Dr. Suway and our team will help put you at ease and make sure you are comfortable during your urgent care visit. We have a tranquil setting and offer sedation dentistry, if needed, to help you relax while we care for your dental problem.

Many emergency dental issues can be repaired in one visit at our office. We utilize the latest dental technology, which can expedite dental treatment. Chipped or cracked teeth can be repaired or a lost filling replaced. Dr. Suway will ensure your dental issue is remedied, restoring function and natural aesthetics to your smile. If additional appointments are needed to complete the dental treatment, our team will find a convenient option that fits your schedule.

If you live in Smyrna or Sandy Springs and need emergency dental care, you will not find a better choice than Dr. Wayne Suway. You do not need to be an existing patient to ask for a same day dental appointment to fix your urgent dental issue. Just contact our office right away, and we will promptly schedule you for the next available slot for dental care. Most dental insurance plans are accepted at our office, and we also use CareCredit if you need a payment option for your unexpected dental expenses.