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Sandy Springs Cosmetic Dentist Atlanta, GA

Cosmetic Dentistry Near Sandy Springs

A stunning smile is a wonderful asset that can enhance your overall appearance and confidence. If you have flaws in your smile that you want altered, cosmetic dentistry can transform your teeth into the look you desire. Dr. Wayne Suway offers a full line of cosmetic dental procedures that can change the color, size and shape of your teeth, giving you the smile that you have always wanted. Our office is close by Sandy Springs and Smyrna, giving you a convenient option for your cosmetic dental procedures.

Genetics, lifestyle and events in your life can all impact the appearance of your smile. For some, stains and dental treatments have discolored their smiles and left them yellow, dingy or gray from metal fillings. Others have missing or crooked teeth that detract from the beauty of their smile. Cosmetic dentistry can fix almost any aesthetic issue, creating a smile that you will be proud to show to the world.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

When it comes to creating a beautiful smile, each person has their own concerns and preferences. The good news is that there are cosmetic dental treatments that can change almost any aspect of your smile. If you just want whiter teeth, a simple whitening procedure may be all you need. For others, the length, position or configuration of their teeth may need to be changed or concealed. Some of the procedures that can be used to cosmetically change and improve the appearance of your smile include:

  • Professional whitening
  • Dental implants, bridges or dentures
  • Porcelain dental crowns
  • Veneers
  • Cosmetic dental bonding
  • White fillings

Each of these procedures can be used separately or together to create the perfect smile for you. Dr. Suway will work with you and be your partner in designing a fresh look for your smile. For some, a complete smile makeover is the best option.

Natural-Appearing Smile Makeovers

When you have multiple issues that you want to resolve with the appearance of your smile, a smile makeover may be the solution. With a smile makeover, you have the option of changing the entire look of your smile, from replacing missing teeth with dental implants to covering dental flaws with porcelain veneers. Each person and smile are different, and creating a look that appears natural and flattering to your face requires experience and expertise. Dr. Suway is a master at performing smile makeovers that achieve the desired results for our patients that look natural and bring out their best features.

How Long Before I Can Have a New Smile?

In many cases, cosmetic dental treatment can be performed in one visit. Options like teeth whitening, cosmetic dental bonding, tooth-colored fillings and some dental crowns can be done in one day. For procedures that require a dental lab to create new fixtures for your teeth like dental implants, bridges, crowns and porcelain veneers, it may take multiple visits to achieve the results you desire. Most smile makeovers can be completed in less than two weeks, if surgery is not required. However, every patient is unique, and Dr. Suway personalizes every procedure to ensure the patient gets the results they desire, which is more important than completing cosmetic dental changes quickly.

Everyone deserves to have a smile that they love and makes them feel attractive. If you are tired of hiding your teeth behind closed lips when you smile or just want to improve the overall appearance of your smile, contact us to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Wayne Suway. We are always welcoming new patients from Smyrna, Sandy Springs and the surrounding area, so contact us to take the first step to getting the stunning smile you desire.