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Marietta Dental Implants Atlanta, GA

Dental Implants Near Marietta

Lost teeth do not need to ruin your appearance or impact your self-confidence in social interactions. Dental implants can restore your smile. They can give you back the ability to eat the foods you love and interact, laugh and talk with confidence. If you live in Marietta or East Cobb, you have one of the most experienced dental implant specialists available near you. Dr. Wayne Suway has been restoring smiles with dental implants for over 25 years. He can help you find the best option to give you back your complete smile.

Why are dental implants so popular? Essentially, dental implants are the closest replacements for natural teeth, giving patients in need of tooth restoration a permanent solution for missing teeth. Unlike dentures or bridges that are secured by other teeth or adhesives, dental implants are surgically linked to the jaw bone, just like natural teeth. They will not move or slip out of place, which is a concern for those that wear dentures. The implant and tooth restorations are formed to fit perfectly and function like a natural tooth. In many cases, the new dental implant is aesthetically superior to the old teeth and can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and dental care.

How Does the Dental Implant Procedure Work?

The first step in receiving dental implants is to be approved as a viable candidate for the procedure. If you have enough jaw bone density, healthy gums and no other medical concerns that could interfere with your procedure, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Dr. Suway performs a thorough exam and will discuss your medical history and health to ensure that you are suitable for the procedure.

If you and Dr. Suway determine that dental implants are a good option for restoring your smile, you can begin looking at the options. Some people get implants to stabilize dentures and only need two or four posts inserted. For those replacing teeth, the look and fit of the new restorations are important. Dr. Suway will make a “mock-up” so you can visualize what your new smile will look like with dental implants. Together, you can discuss the best options for your dental implants.

Finally, the surgery will be completed. Some people may need bone grafting first to create the depth of bone needed, while others can go straight to inserting the titanium post into the jaw bone. Once the post is healed and secured, the permanent tooth restoration, which is usually a white crown, will be adhered. Some patients have their permanent restoration added the same day as the implant surgery. Most individuals will wear temporary tooth restorations until their surgical site heals and their new crowns come back from the dental lab.

Maintaining a New Smile with Dental Implants

One of the benefits of using dental implants for restoring lost teeth is the ease of caring for them. They are simply brushed and flossed like natural teeth, and you will need routine exams and cleanings to protect your oral health. Dr. Suway has helped hundreds of patients in the Marietta, East Cobb and greater Atlanta area restore their smiles with dental implants. He also helps them maintain their new smiles once they are restored. We offer a full range of dental services to ensure your entire smile gets the care it needs, including maintaining and repairing your dental implants, if needed.

If you want to smile confidently with a beautiful smile, come visit Dr. Suway to discuss dental restoration options, including dental implants. Contact our office to schedule your consultation, and start on your journey to a new smile.