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Chipped Tooth Repair Near Marietta

Direct impact or too much pressure can chip, crack and break your teeth, causing cosmetic and oral health issues. Any damage to a tooth should be taken seriously. An immediate dental repair is needed to prevent further complications. If you live in Marietta or East Cobb, you can find excellent dental repair for damaged teeth at the office of Dr. Wayne Suway in Atlanta.

A chip on a tooth may not look or feel serious, but you should not hesitate to have it fixed. While the initial impact may hurt, most chipped teeth are not painful. However, they can lead to other problems. Once the outer enamel of a tooth is removed, the dentin and softer tooth material inside is exposed. Bacteria can quickly cause decay, and there is a chance of infection. What started as a quick chip repair can lead to a cavity, or worse, an infected tooth that requires a root canal.

Dr. Suway can repair most chipped teeth in one office visit. Depending on the tooth and location of the chip, it can be filled, or dental bonding can be used to repair the tooth. Dr. Suway can repair the chip using tooth-colored resin to blend the repair with the rest of the tooth. When the repair is completed, your tooth will be protected and look like new again. The process is not painful and can usually be completed in a quick visit to our office.

Dental Treatments for Broken or Cracked Teeth

Contact sports, auto accidents, falls and other trauma are often the cause of cracked or broken teeth. Children often fall and catch their mouth on a piece of furniture, breaking or cracking a tooth. A flying ball during a baseball game can smack the side of a player’s face, leaving a bruising and a broken tooth beneath. When tooth damage occurs, you can rest assured that Dr. Suway can offer a solution to repair you or your child’s smile.

Cracked teeth are not always from impact. A small crack can occur from biting a seed or hard candy then gets worse over time. Sometimes you may not even know your tooth is cracked until it starts becoming sensitive to temperature or you come in for a dental exam. Most cracks can be fixed with a filling or bonding. However, deep cracks may require a dental crown if the structure of the tooth has been weakened.

Broken teeth are more serious. Not only can they be painful, even if there is no pain, they pose a serious risk for your oral health. Some broken teeth can be repaired with an inlay or onlay, but often a dental crown is required. At Dr. Suway’s office, we have advanced imaging that makes it easier to create an impression of the broken tooth for building a new crown. You do not need to endure the goopy mess of a physical impression. A 3D picture is taken of your broken tooth which will create the impression for the dental crown and can even color-match the crown to your smile.

Damaged teeth should always be a top-priority to have repaired. For those who live in East Cobb, Marietta or the greater Atlanta area, you can contact Dr. Suway’s office at the first indication of a chip or crack in a tooth to schedule a repair. For broken or painful teeth, we offer emergency dental appointments and can often see patients the same day they call.

Never put off repairing a damaged tooth. Dr. Suway is always accepting new patients, and we welcome most types of dental insurance at our office.