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Chipped Tooth Repair Near Cumberland

Most people experience a chipped, cracked or broken tooth at some point in their life. Even with excellent oral care, accidents happen, and repairs to your teeth may be needed. When you crack a tooth from a fall or your child breaks a tooth playing a contact sport, you need immediate dental care. Dr. Wayne Suway offers excellent dental care for damaged teeth at our office near Cumberland and Windy Hill.

Chipped teeth are the most common type of damage. A small piece of tooth can break off from impact or biting down on a hard object. In most cases, chipped teeth do not cause pain. If left untreated, they may become sensitive to heat or cold, but it is usually not painful. Most people want to have a front tooth that is chipped quickly repaired for cosmetic reasons, but even a back tooth with a chip should be repaired right away. The damage to the enamel can leave the tooth exposed, resulting in decay, infection and other serious oral health problems.

Chipped teeth are usually a quick fix when you visit us at the office of Dr. Wayne Suway. We can use a filling or dental bonding to fix most chips and restore the tooth function and appearance. Dr. Suway is not only a general and restorative dentist. He also specializes in cosmetic dental services. Along with repairing the tooth to protect your oral health, he can ensure the repair is almost invisible using white filling or tooth-colored bonding material. Your tooth will look and function like new, and most chipped tooth repairs only require one visit to our office.

Exceptional Dental Repairs for Broken or Cracked Teeth

When a tooth sustains a crack or a portion breaks off, urgent dental care is needed. Often serious tooth damage can cause pain if the interior tooth is damaged, but not all cracked or broken teeth are painful. Regardless of whether you have dental pain, never delay in repairing a cracked or broken tooth. The problem will only get worse and damage more severe and expensive to repair.

Cracked teeth can often be repaired with a filling, dental bonding, inlays or onlays, depending on the depth of the crack. Surface cracks need to be sealed, and the structure needs support to prevent further damage. Deeper cracks can be more serious. If a crack is too deep or has damaged the root, the tooth can be in jeopardy. It is critical to have any cracked tooth examined right away and receive treatment to prevent more extensive damage.

Broken teeth are the most severe form of damage and often require a restoration to prevent loss. Dr. Suway uses advanced dental technology to create restorations for severely damaged teeth. We use 3D imaging to create impressions of teeth for dental crowns that can repair broken or severely cracked teeth. This advanced imaging system can match the exact shape of your tooth and color to create a mold for your new dental crown without the need for an uncomfortable impression.

At our office, every dental procedure is always performed with the utmost care for our patient’s comfort. If you or a family member need a tooth repair, we go the extra mile to put you at ease. We offer sedation dentistry for those that need extra help relaxing during dental care. Just ask about our options when you schedule your tooth repair appointment.

At the office of Dr. Wayne Suway, we welcome new patients from Cumberland, Windy Hill and throughout the greater Atlanta area. Please contact us right away the next time you need a tooth repair or for any of your dental needs.