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Wisdom Teeth Removal Atlanta, GA

crowns-suwayThe wisdom teeth are known as the “third molars” that typically come in around the ages of 17-24. They get the name “wisdom” teeth because of how much later they come in than the rest of the teeth. Most people have already successfully finished orthodontic treatment by the time their wisdom teeth come in, so it is incredibly important that wisdom teeth removal be done in a timely manner to avoid damaging a beautiful smile. Most wisdom teeth do not come in at an ideal angle – they are either fully impacted, partially impacted, or they are completely sideways inside the gums. When they are not removed, they will damage the surrounding teeth by pushing them out of the way.

If you visit the dentist regularly, your dentist should be aware of your wisdom teeth and the best time to remove them. Dental X-rays give a clear picture of where they are in the mouth and how close they are to trying to erupt. However, for those who do not seek regular dental care, they often do not know that their wisdom teeth are about to cause a problem until their mouths tell them so. Common problems associated with wisdom teeth, which should never be ignored, are:

  • Swollen gums in the back of the mouth
  • Pain in the mouth, especially around the back teeth
  • Any movement or shifting of your teeth
  • An infection in your gums
  • Nerve sensitivity that constantly “zap” throughout the day

Wisdom teeth removal is done as an outpatient procedure with anesthetic. Local or general anesthetic can be used, so be sure to state your preference. The tooth sockets will be opened, the wisdom teeth will be removed, the sockets will be closed, and you will be sent home to heal. There is no need to fear having your wisdom teeth removed. Yes, it is a surgical procedure that takes a few days of recovery, but it is a necessary procedure to save your smile.

Dr. Wayne G. Suway has over 35 years of dental experience, and he has dedicated himself to providing comfortable care to patients. If you or a family member needs to have a wisdom teeth removal procedure, Dr. Suway is the name that you can trust for exceptional and sensitive care.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Wayne G. Suway

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