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Tooth Extraction Atlanta, GA

Atlanta GA Dentist near ViningsRegardless of gender, social status, ethnicity, or age – everyone on planet Earth receives just one set of permanent teeth. These teeth are meant to provide function, support, and aesthetics for a lifetime. The loss of one or more permanent teeth is one of the most dreaded dental experiences. Tooth extraction involves a dental professional intentionally removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. This choice is never made without very good reasons and necessary causes. Many time, tooth extraction is performed because a tooth has become so damaged or unhealthy that it is more beneficial to lose the tooth than to keep it. In other cases, room simply needs to be made inside the mouth and the extraction of a tooth is the best method.

Not all reasons behind tooth extraction are negative. Common causes include:

  • Severe infection or tooth decay that is compromising the health of other teeth.
  • A cavity or a damaged tooth that has been so severely compromised that it would require extensive (and expensive) repair work.
  • Advanced periodontal disease.
  • A tooth that is blocking the eruption of another tooth must often be pulled to protect the alignment of all the teeth.
  • During orthodontic treatment, tooth extraction is sometimes advised in order to achieve the desired results for a patient’s smile. A baby tooth or a permanent tooth may need to be extracted for this purpose.
  • Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted to prevent extensive damage to the permanent teeth.

Of course, it is ideal for all people to make it through life with all of their healthy teeth, yet it is not a realistic expectation, especially considering the percentage of people who have their wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Wayne G. Suway has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years, and has received extensive education and experience in general dentistry, advanced dentistry, dental implants, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. If you are in the East Cobb area and are in need of a tooth extraction, please contact Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD today. Our practice will do everything we can to restore your oral health and help you attain a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Wayne G. Suway

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