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Snoring and Sleep Apnea: How a Dentist Can Help Atlanta, GA
Trouble Sleeping

Sleep is a necessary part of living. Not only is it important to get enough hours of sleep each night, but the quality of your sleep matters too. How would you rate your sleep quality? How would your bed partner rate it?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that is characterized by repeated pauses in breathing during sleep. Not only can this cause disruptive snoring during the night, but it can also bring serious threats to your health and quality of life during the day. Untreated sleep apnea can cause fatigue, irritability, headaches as well as depression and anxiety. If you or your partner snores or wakes up gasping for air through the night, sleep apnea may be the culprit.

At the office of Dr. Wayne Suway, we proudly treat sleep apnea using oral appliance therapy, a proven and comfortable approach to help you sleep more quietly. In fact, when it comes to treating sleep apnea, studies of oral appliance therapy have shown a 77% to 95% success rate!

Why Do People Snore?

Snoring occurs when the airway passages become narrowed. This can cause vibrations or a “flapping” of tissues as turbulent air passes through. There are a number of causes for snoring, ranging from allergies and alcohol consumption to poor tongue muscle tone and a deviated septum. It is important to address the root cause of your snoring, especially when it involves a weight issue or other medical condition. However, in many cases, a nighttime oral appliance can open up the airway passages enough to prevent snoring. This is an effective remedy for those that snore due to sleep apnea.

Oral Appliance Therapy for Snoring Prevention and Sleep Apnea Treatment

When snoring is severe or particularly loud, this may be an indication that you have obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). In such cases, air blockage is so profound that the snorer wakes up repeatedly during the night due to lack of oxygen. Untreated OSAS not only affects your quality of sleep and quality of life, but it can also lead to stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack. If you are concerned about you or your partner’s snoring habit, please contact our Marietta dental clinic. We can work with your physician and determine if you are a candidate for sleep apnea treatment using oral appliance therapy.

We offer the most proven oral appliances to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea. Oral appliances also make a great alternative treatment for more severe OSA sufferers who cannot tolerate positive airway pressure therapy or CPAP machines.

Ready to improve your quality of sleep? Call Dr. Suway in Marietta today!


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