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Root Canal Therapy Atlanta, GA

Root Canals in Vinings GAThe structure of a tooth is designed so that the tooth can last a lifetime. The hardest substance in the body is the enamel of a tooth, which surrounds the dentin, pulp, and roots of the inside structure of the tooth. When a tooth is damaged or decayed, the pulp center can become infected. This infection leads to intense pain in the mouth. Any intense pain inside the mouth should be addressed by a dentist right away. Here in Vinings, Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD offers the most specific dentistry techniques to restore function to the tooth and remove all infection and pain.

Root canal therapy should not be put off by anyone who is experiencing pain in a tooth. Because decay and infection can spread rapidly throughout the mouth, a root canal is effective in treating the painful infection and preventing the infection from spreading to other teeth. Common symptoms that indicate the need for root canal therapy include pain or throbbing around a tooth, pain or discomforting when biting or chewing, swelling in the gums that surrounds a painful tooth, a broken or damaged tooth, and extreme sensitivity to hot and cold while eating and drinking.

Dr. Wayne Suway has over 30 years of experience with root canal therapy. His expertise has allowed him to become trusted and loved by his patients. Dr. Suway is committed to providing comfortable, compassionate, and professional care to all of his patients. He understands that how a person feels about his/her smile can affect one’s quality of life. With a dedication to achieve a beautiful, long lasting smile, Dr. Wayne Suway is the dentist to trust in Vinings and the surrounding areas for quality root canal therapy.

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