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Marietta Dentist Shows How Gum Disease Impacts Bodily Health In Unexpected Ways Atlanta, GA

Dr. Wayne Suway reinforces the importance of maintaining good oral health, showing that good dental habits can reduce the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, respiratory conditions, and others.

Marietta, GA – Dr. Wayne G. Suway emphasizes to his patients at his private Marietta dentistry practice that routine dental care is essential to maintaining oral health. In a column appearing in the practice’s most recent newsletter, Dr. Suway’s patients are informed why oral hygiene not only helps to protect the mouth from disease, but is also essential to reducing the risk of developing serious diseases that can affect the entire body.

While many patients realize that keeping a steady routine of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash can go a long way toward reducing their chances for developing gingivitis, they may not realize that periodontal disease can lead to significant and even life-threatening health problems. In a recent blog post on the practice’s website titled “Do You Know The Hidden Dangers Of Gum Disease?”, Dr. Suway explains that while gingivitis and other gum diseases can develop due to neglect, there are other factors that can contribute to gum disease. According to Dr. Suway, gum diseases like gingivitis “can be caused not only by poor oral hygiene, but also by hormone fluctuations or high stress levels.” Gingivitis, when left untreated, has the potential to become much more severe, resulting in periodontitis (chronic inflammation of the gums). Symptoms of periodontitis can include red, swollen, or bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums, tooth loss. If the condition worsens, it can increase the risk of developing more serious overall health problems.

Dr. Suway is quick to point out that when it comes to maintaining good oral health, the threat of disease is not restricted to the mouth. To illustrate this danger, he notes the complex relationship between gum disease and diabetes. Patients who have diabetes are at a higher risk for developing periodontal disease, and diabetic patients who develop periodontal disease risk increasing diabetic complications. Because of the strong relationship between these two diseases, Dr. Suway says, “I recommend to my diabetic patients that it is particularly important for them to schedule regular dental visits so that I can catch any early signs of gum disease before the condition becomes exacerbated.” He goes on to list other conditions that can begin with gingivitis or periodontitis, including inflammatory diseases elsewhere in the body, respiratory conditions, heart disease, and even cancer.

Due to the dangers of leaving more minor health problems such as gingivitis unattended, the Marietta dentist suggests that in addition to maintaining a steady at-home oral health routine, patients make regular appointments with their dentists to ensure that any complications that do arise are dealt with in a timely fashion. Early detection allows for early treatment, which ultimately can help reduce the risk of developing much more serious health conditions.

About Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD

A graduate of Bucknell University, Dr. Wayne Suway earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Emory University School of Dentistry and completed a one-year program in implant dentistry at the Medical College of Georgia. In addition to serving as a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, Dr. Suway has also been recognized as a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. He is available for interview upon request.

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