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Implants and Implant Restorations: What’s the Difference? Atlanta, GA
Replacing Teeth Marietta GA

At the office of Dr. Wayne Suway, we’re proud to offer convenient dental implant options to rebuild your smile after missing teeth. If you’re to new dental implants, you’ve probably heard a couple of different terms being thrown around: “implants” and “implant restorations.” You’ll get both when you take advantage of implant dentistry, but they are two very different components of your teeth replacement process.

Implants: Artificial Tooth Roots

An implant is technically only the titanium post that sets within your bone. It’s like an artificial tooth root, and it’s biocompatible. The metal used in implants will trigger bone growth that fuses the post permanently into place (a process called osseointegration). At this point, it essentially becomes a part of your oral anatomy!

Implant Restorations: Over Your Implant Abutment

Your implant is encased within the bone. On top of it is an abutment, which extends above the gum lines. The implant restoration is the component that is visible to you and others. Restorations attach to the abutment piece of your implant and serve as your prosthetic teeth. Depending on the number and location of your missing teeth, there are a few different types of implant restorations that can be used in modern restorative dentistry:

  • Single crowns
  • Multiple-tooth bridges
  • Implant supported dentures

Implants are remarkably strong. If you have multiple missing teeth, it only takes a couple of them to support something like a bridge or partial denture, which would replace three or four teeth at a time. Even a full arch denture can be secured or permanently fixed in place on top of as few as four dental implants.

Smile and Implant Options for Every Budget

Have you lost some or all of your natural teeth? Find out how implants can help you put a smile back on your face. Contact Dr. Wayne Suway today to schedule a consultation in Marietta. We welcome new patients.

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