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Can You Blame Your Genes for Frequent Cavities? Atlanta, GA
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You’ve probably been taught that sugar causes cavity. While sugar certainly plays a leading role in the development of tooth decay, there are other factors that can increase your risk for getting cavities. In fact, many of the components that can make teeth more susceptible to decay may be passed down from your parents. In other words, it’s in your genes!

Genetic Dental Factors that Contribute to Cavities

We can’t say that your family history or genetic makeup directly causes cavities. However, there are some dental traits that you may have been born with that make you more prone to tooth decay compared to a neighbor or friend. Like blue eyes, red hair and being left-handed, your genes can determine the following cavity-causing components within your smile:

Genes are the primary producer for enamel structure. The weaker your enamel surface, the harder it is for your teeth to absorb key nutrients, like fluoride and calcium and the easier it is for a cavity to form.

Immune System
Your body is made up of hundreds of microorganisms species, which dictate your body’s immune response. This can impact your ability to fight off oral bacteria, which leads to issues like decay and gum disease.

Did you know that your spit has gene variants? The amount of saliva you produce as well as its specific makeup can help or hurt the amount of cavity-causing bacteria found in your mouth.

Teeth Shape
Teeth come in all different shapes and sizes – it’s what makes your smile unique. However, there are certain traits like crowded teeth and grooved teeth can make cleaning more difficult. In result, cavities are more prevalent.

Schedule Your Dental Visit in Marietta

Before you go blaming your parents every time you get a cavity, you should know that cavities are still nearly 100% preventable. Proper brushing and flossing at home as well as two dental visits per year are some of the biggest ways that you can overcome the cavity-prone teeth you were born with. If you have a family history of cavities or find yourself sitting in the dental chair for a filling more than normal, schedule your appointment with Dr. Wayne Suway. We can help you avoid tooth decay and other dental problems, despite what genes have been passed down!


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