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Am I a Candidate For Mini Implants? Atlanta, GA

crowns-suwayLike the name implies, mini implants are a type of dental implant that are smaller than traditional implants but serve the same general purpose. Mini implants measure at 2-3 mm, while traditional implants are typically about 3.75mm. In many cases, mini implants are used to anchor a partial or complete denture that is not staying in place properly or is uncomfortable for the patient. However, mini implants can also be used with bridges and crowns.

Why Mini Implants Over Traditional Implants?

Mini implants allow patients to benefit form implant dentistry when they don’t have enough bone tissue to support a traditional dental implant. Of course, they still need to have adequate healthy tissue to hold the smaller (mini) implant in place, but they can provide significant advantages to patients who would otherwise be disqualified from traditional dental implants or would need bone grafting.

Patients choosing Mini Implants can benefit from the following:

Less Expensive – when used with a partial or denture, fewer mini implants can be used to secure the set of prosthetic teeth.

Less Invasive – a smaller implant means a more conservative surgery.

Less Hassle – the procedure can often be completed in a single visit!

Less Bone Loss – using implants (mini or traditional) to anchor a denture or partial means you’ll have an artificial tooth root to help prevent jaw bone atrophy.

Are mini implants a viable option for you? Dr. Wayne Suway can help you decide. We use advanced imaging to measure your bone structure and determine whether or not you have enough healthy bone for traditional implants or mini implants. As always, we will carefully discuss the procedure and what you can personally expect from this teeth replacement approach. If you are tired of struggling with ill-fitting dentures, please give us call today – we can permanently improve the stability of your smile.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Wayne G. Suway

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